Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday 6th August 2012

Good Morning, This is Life and Death.
I woke up at 06:30am the weather was beautiful, normally I would be happy.
On the Breakfast programme, there was Take That, Gary Barlow. I feel so sorry for you this morning. I send you all my love to you Gary Barlow. I have sent some love to you, your wife, your children and this special child.  You would have been the strongest child growing into your childhood. 

This was my special day. This is my Monday morning Clowne Farm work. I felt full of energy for all the work that I would do. I always feel positive when I work at Clowne Farm.
I spent so much time with Mark on the farm, we chat so much, or maybe I speak sooo much these days. Mark takes Finoulla and I up the field to the next pig styes. They were all quite funny, grumping loud, it was like they were singing in their own language. I laughed so much, I have enjoyed having so much of my voice. It has been so good having this voice back, my voice was hidden for such a long time. Some of the pigs were very athletic. They made me laugh so much. Naughty. Why didn’t they get a bedroom!!  The group of pigs had little piglets, Mark asked me if I would like to join him in the stye with them. I said yes, that would be pretty cool. They were so cute with their own personality. There was one young piglet that was  trying to eat my wellies, help me please! That was so funny, I had to climb out of there as quickly as I could. What a laugh.
We all decided that it was time to leave the pigs. Mark took us back to the office.

Well we were nosey and looked inside the wooden area that had a heat light. I have named them, Cristian  and Richard. You can both work out who is the duck or who is the turkey?? I got to cuddle them at the same time, oooh, it was lovely. Steve Boyd has asked me if he could be my companion on my Neurocare Charity next April 2013. Steve Boyd will come to RotherValley. WOW. That will be a great thing for the charity. Thanks Steve. Dianne Taylor has been a great manageress here at the farm, when she read my story she realised that my friend Pat was her friend too???  Our life is very small. I can’t really believe how small our lives are!!!  

 I went to the Clowne  Farm without my wooden leg.. Gosh will I ever learn to take my stick away with me.! Ian Boyd told me the story of someone knocking on his window, the window chapper shouted “Are you there Ian !”  Ian replied “ yes,”  he was in the room. Ian visually seen the  outside of a person. Later he realised that  he was having a vision in his sight. Creepy Eh!
When I got home, I had my sandwiches and I decided to go for my nap. After my sleep I felt wonderful. *Shirley* asked me if I’d like to go to the stage performance in at Chesterfield. Was there any particular show that I would like? I thought (not for very long) I said that I’d like to go and see The Vagina Monologues. I told her that I would like to take  her to the stage performance with me.
Dinner was getting prepared for us all. They were making a beef stew with me, the alarm was buzzing now in the kitchen, ping, pong. What a noise. The girl was using a towel, blowing it back and forward at the alarm. I believe  that I was a firelady. I was thinking that I was doing a great job, blowing my loo paper in my hand, I was blowing this back and forward too. How old have I become!!!
We all had a lovely dinner. The stew was scrumptious. When the girls finished their dinner they all went to the office. I felt that I was being a great help. I washed the pots, cleaned the cooker surface and wiped all the surface tops. All of a sudden *Shirley* appeared at the kitchen door with a baby in her arms. Ahhh. He was beautiful. He had the most beautiful blond hair. He just smelled amazing. He was only 4 days old. He  was called Malakai David Dewberry. I couldn’t believe that he was only 4 day’s old. Hey even his mother was fantastique. She didn’t even look that she  was just out of hospital. We all had a nice wee chat. When she was leaving I was ready to go to my room. I have had the best day again.
Goodnight xxx

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