Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday 7th August 2012

It was another early, early morning. 4:30am. Why do people think that I have a limited memory?????  People should leave me alone and let me get on with my own brain. I need to be left on my own in my life. It has been very good being here to fix my brain, I can learn so much. I do enjoy the questions and answers. People should learn from my speech on the 20th July. I do want people to get on with their own life. I need to get on with my brain all by myself. One of these days some people may understand what was said. I know my mum listened and she understood what I wrote. THANKS MUM XX

I have pottered about, I have done two washes, done my cleaning.  Then when we all had our lunch, Alan washed the dishes and I dried them. We were a good team with the dishes, It was very good to keep your brain very alert. It was good that we both decided to do the washing up and not just leave it behind us for the staff. We were both thinking. Fantastic.
Clan arrived with his daughters dog, it was a lovely 2 years old big Bullmastif. The dog was called Jazz.  He was so gorgeous, cuddly, lovely, clever, intelligent, he was just a big softee.  We had a great big cuddle then I had a good chat.
Miss Dotty arranged herself to do the dinner, I think she was a fantastic CHEFFY.

My friend came round to visit me her name is Doris LeCrac. Doris has a lovely brother called Sydney LeCrac. He has been a great athletic boy. He went forward for The Iron Man as it was a National Event. It is a 112 mile cycling,  it is then a swimming for 2*4miles, then a full marathon of 26*2 miles. Gosh, I’m exhausted already. Out in Bolton on  Sunday 23rd of July, Sydney was determined to do this event. Sydney started at 6:00am and he finished it in just over 14hrs. Sydney got his Iron Man medal, I bet he was totally chuffed with the biggest smile.
Sydney, I’m soooo happy for the event that you got. “ WELL DONE SYDNEY. J”.
Doris’s father got a book published it’s called REBIRTH by R W McCulloch in 1210. R W McCulloch has written about his growing years, from youth to adult, I hope !! The cover for Rebirth is red with a volcano on it. The publisher is I’m hoping to get it on the internet. I will hope this is a good read. This is the same as my last internet book, My Year Off  by Robert McCrumb.

 Reading can be very interesting. Reading like this can help your brain grow. I can go further back in my memories now. The last memory is in Easterhouse, Glasgow. We had a three storey council flat. We were on the 3rd floor flat. From the lounge there was a door that takes you out onto the veranda, I remember the picture of me hanging onto the railing on the veranda. I had the most boyish hair doo, but I did have the biggest grin. When you looked out from your veranda, we lived just opposite the big area of green grass with a pond in it. I hadn’t started at primary school yet, but it wouldn’t be long for the education.

Juanita answered the phone, oops! wrong  phone. Juanita’s  father is  from Jamacia, I’m thinking maybe I shall bake something for her.  Something  Jamacian !!! Hmmmmm.


Hey Lady Di,
How the devil are you now? I got your letter today and it made me soooo happy.
When I eventually woke up from my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage I thought that I fell over, I think?, from my wheel chair and just thought that I had been sick for maybe 1 or 2 weeks. SUGAR !!! I never knew what had happened to myself. Oops! What had happened to me!!! I only became more alive when I moved into my new home. When I walked into my room on the 23rdApril, WOW, I was alive. I never use my chair, I keep forgetting my wooden leg/stick. When I moved in here it took a good 20 minutes  to get into a nighty,  I had a chair in my shower for washing, it was roughly 30 minutes to get dressed. Things used to be so hard for me, but, I have been so strong to get my life back, I have found my way back. Thank You Lord. This has been so hard for me to learn how to button my cardigan, brush my teeth, learn to speak again, bend over to pick something from the floor. Hey just about everything has been difficult. I have found my strength from the deepest part in my heart. I will not let it go for anyone. How is your KANSAS plants? I have every faith in you and your plants growing as bright as ever. How is Stephanie? Tell her I said “HI” I hope all the schooling is very exciting for her. Tell Stephanie that “not to worry as your heart will be bigger than the height eh!”( he, he)
Hey Steve, I can see that you are doing lots of work, I hope you will enjoy the wedding on the 1st Sept. Hey maybe you two can post me a lovely picture from the wedding, that will be lovely, awesome, beautiful, cool, fantastic, handsome, please.  Lady Di, can you remember telling me about changing your name to me at the HALFWAY HOUSE at TURNBERRY  HOTEL & GOLF COURSE..
That’s when we spoke about your book in the halfway house with soup, coffee, sandwiches, sweets. We had a great time for the few days while you booked in to Turnberry. I can imagine the rest of your holiday was exciting doing your different places over here.
Hey Lady Di, how is your back now?? I have every faith that you will get the best chiropractic in Kansas, and your back will be the best back in Kansas. I can go home at the weekend now so people do have faith in me that I can go home. WOOHOO.
I have no internet at my home just now, so I just write, write, write. I only do my Facebook at the weekend when I get home. I will write to you soon. Hey you are on the internet now with me. He He He.  I shall use the KEEPSAKE CHRONICLES as often as I can as I want you to make lots of  £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$.’s Tell me more about the book you are going to publish, have you got a good place for me in your story !!! You can call me Princess…..he he he. Officially next April 2013. Me and now 16 companions are going to walk a charity 5kilometers to receive as many sponsors as we can. I have been OFFERED to walk with me next April 2013. How many people will join me???? I’m doing this for NEUROCARE. I respect them for keeping me alive. My Neurosurgeon is Mr Patel on the picture with me. He is a genius. Hey Mr Patel I think your head of hair is gorgeous for your mother. I think she loves you from the heaven. Hey I know that she loves your hair long. XXX.

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