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Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Good morning my favourite followers of MY LIFE.
I woke up and was getting out of my deep sleep. Just as Big Momma Dee was ready to go,  I asked her if I could have a STALK OF ROCK. Well that was a giggle. Why does the Scottish accent come from another country!!!! He, he,  I realised that she was  off I noticed that I had a spot on my nose bridge with a big white head. Did I touch it? NO! I suddenly noticed another white spot at the bottom left of my mouth. It felt like a boil? It felt quite sore. Did I touch that? NO!


I’m wondering????
Why do I have plooks  on the bottom of my mouth and my nose????
I used to have porcelain/alabaster skin.
Is it to do with the food I’m eating?  Or is it the LACK of the drugs in my system now?
I now take:-
CARBEMAZAPINE – It helps stop seizures.
VITAMIN B – To help the brain to function.
THIAMINE – After my BRAIN INJURY – These vitamins help the brain function.
EXYOUTIN – Helps with bladder function.
Maybe my inner system is throwing out all the bad thing’s in my body. “SPOTS”?



I’m going to email on Saturday.

DOROTHY PAUL, my relation from Glasgow. :)
Dorothy lived in a bungalow in the Maryhill area. Dorothy had the lovely back garden. I used to drive Dorothy when she was on tour with her humerous stage act. Remember, we stopped in Arran and Inverness?  YES?
Remember you asked me to put on the cleaners outfit, I had to walk onto the stage with a duster in my hand and make faces for the audience. I had to take the calm drink to help me walk onto the stage. Hey, you were worth it. :)
I, house sat the bungalow for you when you went for a  nice lazy rest time in Arran? YES? I loved going through my memories with you.

Next on my list is :)

Barbera acted on RAB C. NESBIT. She lived AT THE TIME on Byres Road DOWANHILL. It was just down from the cross road. There was the bread company, the pub, down from the cross, on the left hand side. Barbera, you lived three up? You had the two boys sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Ahhhh.  NICK and ROBERT? YES? When I looked out the kitchen window, I could see the cars, parking? ..HOSPITAL?  I’m sure there was a hospital of some kind on the same side of road, but a bit further down. I’m 100% sure that was there! You then moved to the new flat in a curving street?  When you moved to the new flat, I worked for the POLICE MAN just futher down the road. RIGHT? YES? I’m hoping my brain is so good now.
HEY, I’m a bright brain in Pauline’s head. Memory, memory, memory, I love it. YES. XXX

Last on my list for Saturday :)

Now the last memory for me today is BRYAN BURNETT.
Now we are on the South Side of Glasgow.  Did you live 1 or 2 up???
I can’t actually grab that just now in my mind. It’s not any further up than 2?. I’M POSITIVE.
Bryan, Bryan Bryan. Ahhhhhh :)
You lived just off the park. You’re flat, the road, the pavement then the park. YES.
You had two FEATHER SOFA’S in RED ???
Bryan you’re living room/ lounge, however you want to say it, looks onto the park! The park ascends higher, upwards in front of you. All that green grass.
Now, can you remember the girls living in the main centre of Glasgow. They worked in the T.V. camera’s area,  I’m pretty sure?  I shall cross my fingers now?
They were in the flat  just behind the Maryhill Centre.
They looked onto the BOTANIC GARDEN.
There is the  SCOTTISH STUDIO for the T.V. at Byres Road, and the Botanic Gardens.
Every day my brain is so electric with all the memories.
I’m so happy that you fell into my memory. THANK YOU BRYAN. XXX

Today I was busy writing then I looked out my window.
What a beautiful sight.

It was wee RUBY. She was a beautiful little Cocker Spaniel.
She was full of so much energy in her 18 months old age.

My brain pop’s every day with all my memories. It’s great to have them back. :)
My brain has been hiding from me.
From the 20th of July 2011 until the late end of April 2012, do I remember anything!!
I gradually remember all my memories now. Some are good and some are bad.
I’m so glad that I’m here.
I will work hard for myself and others.


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