Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Friday 3rd August 2012

I woke up at 05:30am. I went downstairs to make myself a nice breakfast coffee. I feel pretty alert.

When I looked out my window, the 3 gardens along neighbour had lit a little fire in the back garden!! Why do they want to start a fire this early in the morning. I’m such a nosey person these days. I want to know as much as I can so that I can learn. The weather is bright and sunny now, it’s 06:30am. I’m going to get my shower and get ready for my day. Catch you later. 

It’s 07:13am. I’m showered and dressed so I’m off for breakfast. I can’t wait till at least 11:30am, Janiece will be here then she can put the tea tree on my bites again. What a relief that will be. Ahhhh. I am desiring the cream to stop the itchy.

I’m watching the Athletic Breakfast this morning. The girl, Gemma Gibbons is having her little talk and telling us about receiving a Silver Medal in her Judo. Gemma got her video played from the Olympics. She was so happy that she won her Judo, Gemma started crying with the happiness in her body. “Well Done Gemma”.  There was a girl called Jessica Ennis, she won the heptathlon, Gold Medal. “Well Done Jessica”. It was time for the drugs at 08:30am. I spoke to my “druggist” he, he, he. She offered to put more tea tree on my bites. Thank god. I think I could only reach about maybe 1 bite.  Well I have calmer skin now, thank goodness. Why did I want to scratch the skin off my body. Is that speaking to do with the age again???? Maybe!!!

I’m doing my exercises. I need to get my body fit again, It feels that it was lost for such a long time. “I will get my fitness back”
I’ve just been down to tell the girls that I must have looked like SHIT when I had tubes out of my head, neck, and face. I tried to take the plooks away from my chin. I don’t know what was in my system, but my body is trying to clean itself. I feel like a kid with all these plooks.  I keep burping a lot during the day, it’s nothing to do with diet coke or coffee. I think my  body is getting rid of gases in my body. Maybe I should become a physician.
Ohhh!  Dr Quinn this and that, blob, blob, blob, bliggy bloggy burp, sorry.
Leanne turned up for my exercises, I have a new step balance thing to get my left and right feet working better. I’m listening to Buena Vista Social Club, it’s a good video with the talking and the playing in the Cuban mix.

Today Janiece went to see Mr Patel and his secretary, Jayne Sugden. I bought some lovely flowers for Jayne, it was a lovely Iris, pinky, lilacy from me and my beautiful brain ;-) I would just like to say “Hello Mr Patel and Jayne Sugden, here is all my love XX”. When Janiece got to me we ended up at Clowne for some shopping as Tesco. I seen your picture Jayne you look so pretty, I shall spread a big bit of love from me to you. I’m going home for dinner now, see you all later. .
I had a nice Shepherds Pie from Shell, yummy, yummy. I’m going to try and phone David after 9pm to see if he can take me to the SHEFTIVAL 2012. Cross fingers.
I’m going to do a bit more knitting for Boyd, my future grandson. I’m getting soooo excited at becoming a grandma. I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face. J
I seen that I had a message from Liz Martin. Thank you Liz Martin and Pat Scally Richardson XXXX enjoy my little real stories. Liz Martin from Southern Region, New Zealand. You Said “Always a wonderful thing to meet, such inspiring people. Pat and I LOVE how you use your humour Pauline :)” 20:56 yesterday.  Thank you with sooooo much LOVE. I have sprinkled the air with HAPPIENESS. It’s 8:45pm and it’s drug time, he, he, he. The neighbour 3 doors down has set the fire in the garden again. Maybe I should be a Fireman/lady !!! What do you think!
Hey when my physio girl came today, she asked me, “What was I doing too much of to have puffyankles” I told her that I had been here all week doing nothing, just sitting in my room. Let’s all think about that
Intellectually!!! what are you getting at???

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