Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday 8th August 2012

Good morning my lovely people. It’s a great day. 
The pain in my right waist has just disappeared, my legs were not the same to me? They felt that one leg was bigger than the other. I have felt that I had someone else’s leg. What a silly me. Why did I think I had another leg. Where has my head been??? TUT, TUT. 

I went down to the kitchen and rustled up some breakfast. I made a coffee and toast and I took it out in the garden. I sat down at the table with Jimmy. He said a full sentence? I was so shocked as it is usually difficult to try to understand the words. I could hear what he was saying, he concentrated so much on his words. Well done.


I got up to my room and I watched the Jeremy Kyle show. The blethering was pretty cool, They had their feelings being shown to the audience. I never had my glasses on but when I looked at it I could read the writing on the screen. Wow, my eyes are getting so much stronger. I only use the glasses for the smaller writing. Before I had my Haemorrhage I only used the glasses for the small writing, pc, telephone, etc.
I had my painting class, it ended up quite a good gossip. It’s nice getting things from your chest.   

While I was painting, Doris LeCrac appeared with my soup, I chopped and changed between soup and paint. I finished my paint and soup, I was ready for my new exercises.  When she got there I was ready for my new exercises. I love doing my exercises, by next week I should be ready for my cycling. I’m already excited for my cycle physical legs. The door was knocked for an arrival visit. 

Cassie the spaniel turned up at the door. She was so lovely. Joan was her master, Cassie listened to all my questions. Sit down. Lie down. She done all that she was asked to do. She loved doing her tricks. She took some treats from her paws when she was told. Cassie was just a great girl. When I finished my tricks, I went to go for a walk along with  Sadie**. We went along to council services to find out about my bus pass, the Gold Ticket. It was Maggie who dealt with me. I spoke to Maggie about my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. Then I spoke about my charity walk. This is when Emma Douglas offered to walk with me. I have about 16 people now and I’m deffinately going to do it. I will have the best  walkers in Sheffield. I think I may ask Anthony & Mehrnoosh Gardiner, Dean & Ashley Wallace, Darren & Lol, hey I may ask you all, my family, to join me next April, just think about that eh!!!! Maggie told me that I would get my bus pass in about 10 days at home. WOOHOO I can’t wait for a bus pass, how old is  the my brain now!!!! When we walked home Sadie** popped in to the Moor Lane for mayonnaise and a white cabbage so that we could make coleslaw, “**CATH)) made the lovely fresh coleslaw, hmmm, yummy.  A young boy drove up to the Moor Lane shop, he had his windows open,  he  got  out of his silver car,  he blipped is closed. He walked passed me and I seen the car, I thought!!!! Hmm.why did he want to lock the door but leave the windows down!!!!!!!!!!!

I made my own dinner of a salad, hey, I’m pretty good at this baking and cooking now. I can remember all the food recipes from years ago. I never need to see the writing on the book. My memory is so quick for me now. THANK GOD.


When I finished my dinner I went out in the garden to have a chat with Paul The Gardener. We have good talks. I like the fact that he has forward goals in his brain. He wants to drive, (a great journey) he is going to buy a car. He wants to take Scooby, his brown Labrador down to the beach in a car,. He will run so fast on the beach I know you will get the car. Paul has so many goals on his list. He wanted a tattoo, Red Star, DONE IT. WELL DONE PAUL. Paul is back  tomorrow to do more gardening. He has told me that he is bringing in his IPOD tomorrow. Oh that will be a beauty. 

Janiece having lunch with Julie in Manchester
My sister Janiece has put on more days on the internet. Thankyou  Janiece,  Maybe I should ask you to be my secretary and make me coffee’s etc, etc,etc. I can write during the days and have my secretary!!!  I shall ask her when she get’s from Manchester. Hmmmm!!!!! I think I would suit having a secretary.


The T.V. had a 1977 music channel. It was great I seen  DAVID “KID” JENSEN from wae back in the 70’s. There was Real Thing, The Saints, Jigsaw, Cilla Black, Dave Edmunds, Hot Chocolate, The Sex Pistols, (Vacant), (Wer’e So Pretty). Legs&Co were the dance sequence girls can you remember too, WOW that was pretty  cool man.
Mark arrived with his wife Susan, god she is so beautiful. Susan is from Jamaica. I was talking to them about the Athletics. I watched it on the t.v. this morming. The winners this morning was  :-
Yohan Blake ------Jamacia,  Mens 200m 20*1 Gold Medal
Usain Bolt ---------Jamacia,  Mens 200m 20*18
I can’t believe how fast and cool they were, It was like they just had a little stroll
I was so exhausted just at watching them, phewww.
Susan said that she had the internet so I offered her my blog address so she could see what I do with my day to day happenings on my blog   WOW Paulines very clever brand new injured brain. I love my brain, it surprises me so much. This great brain  surprises me every day with sight, smells, the aches & pains. I love having a pain,  it is a great feeling The Pain, that is when I really feel alive.
Susan worked in the helping people job. I don’t know what the job name was said so I quite like “Helping People Job” I like playing with words. He He He. Thankyou for the visit Susan and Mark xxx
I’m going to bed now so I will catch you all tomorrow. All my love. XXXXX

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