Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Monday 30th July 2012

Last night Janiece and I stayed awake until the clock went 12:00 midnight. I was a great singer, I was a great actress, I was a great model. Wow I’m cool.
We both sang to David for his 44th birthday, it was fantabulous. The pictures looked good, hey, I think I’m a great photographer too. “Happy Birthday David.”
So, on  we go to our birthday  morning, I shall exercise my arms, yawn, yawn, I’m ready to go. I woke up at 6am, I’m going to have some Oats & Honey cereal, I’ve put out the mugs for our tea and coffee and our breakfast hey I’ve got mine I don’t know what they have, oops, sorry, then we will fight over the bathroom, we need to be ready by 8am for our taxi as we are “off to London” “WooHoo” Goodbye Sheffield, Hello London, I’m away to get ready, “See you all later XXX”  
We all got busy with our “early getting ready routine “ I was 1st showered then it was David (birthday boy) then it was Janiece. I made 1 tea for the birthday boy then it was 2 coffees for us. By the time David was ready he went to make more drinks, I hadn’t even had a sip of coffee. Start over again. I will have another coffee please. Ta. I only had 3 or 4 sips of coffee and we had a taxi at the door. Goodbye.
It’s 8am and our taxi driver was Rasul, he was our driver to take us to Sheffield train station. Rasul was born in Kurdistan. Rasul was a keyboard musician, he played the Kurdish music as a part-time player. Rasul has been married for the last 4yrs, she is called Shokham, they are so happy. Rasul has been living in Crosspool in Sheffield for the last 8yrs. Now Rasul has been a great fan for Chelsea Football. He has the Chelsea covers on his gear stick, phone, anything that’s available for the car, he has it. What a great FAN. Shhhh he’s a member of the Labour Party. I wonder how high he has gone in the party! When we got up to the station, Rasul couldn’t believe how quick the journey was. I spoke too much. Rasul came out for a picture with me for the internet, he say’s that’s fine. 

David and I worked out what platform we needed to get to London. Then David stood aside and thought it would be better for Janiece and I to blether together to get this journey on the go. Well David looks peeved, I’m shocked and Janiece, well she just smiles Ahhh.!!! We got coffee’s and David got his tea, so we will be able to casually drink it now on the train.That’s me started again, blether, blether, blether.
 Thank the lord. We are now going to St. Pancras, London. We start moving on the train, what a relief. Then David organises our tickets, Oh we need Bassett Allsorts to keep up the sugar and energy for us. What age am I ????  I just bloody play with food in my face again !!!!
We were just coming up to East Midlands Power Station. Now this is where I get very intelligent. Now they burn the coal to heat the water to produce steam. The steam powers the turbine which produces the electricity. CLEVER ME. When we take the pictures of the TUBES, we have a nice reflective sight of Janiece. God, I’m so brilliant.
Loughborough, been and gone. We are getting nearer. Ahhhh. We have the water to keep us hydrated.   

Our neighbour travellers is  Sally and Sarah they require the picture with Pauline Quinn on the train. Hmmm I’m getting quite good at my pictures, I’m like a goddess. He, he, he, he, he.

Janiece and David organise our day out in London. Wow, it looks good. I have decided to write a wee letter to Mr Patel. “My Neuro Surgeon”. I always like to ask questions so that way I can learn from the answers. My questions are becoming more intelligent, sometimes it’s just floppy googah!!!!
We eventually stopped at St Pancreas. We got ready to leave, there was lots officers in pink waistcoat and jackets, they were telling us the direction to follow to get us to our destination. They gave us a free icelolly. Hmmmm. Thanks for the direction guys.
David and I showed the world that we were at St Pancreas, “HELLO WORLD”

I was just waiting for Cristian, he was on his way. Woohoo. It was so wonderful to see him, I’t brought a tear in your eye, but it was worth it. We went for a coffee at the train station cafĂ©/bar. I decided to dance with my wooden leg/stick. Cristian thought, hmmmm I will get up and dance with this beautiful leg/stick too, it looks so wonderful, he started the dancing with me. We both danced away with the sun shining. 

Hey we were pretty cool man. Fingers are up in the air, he, he, he.

I went to the Pullman Hotel, that’s right next to the station. It’s Cristians work, he is the bar manager at the hotel. Cristian managed to get the day off with us  Woohoo. Cristian waited outside the hotel and we got our beautiful sights inside. WOW, it was awesome. 

We had a lovely look at the bar, we met Mattieu in the bar, then we met Antonio in the arrival area of the reception. Antonio says 16th floor. ooh, awe, wow, stunned again. We were told to take the lift to the 16th floor, WOW< WOW< WOW. It was awesome. All the views were WOW< WOW< WOW again. Can I breathe? It took my breathe away. The feelings inside my body were jumping here, there, wow everywhere? I got the close view of St. Pancreas station from so high up, WOW< WOW< WOW. I was terrified getting close to the window, I was over the moon, excited, frightened at the height, being up here it was so high, I loved the sights up here. I was so excited I could hardly stand straight up vertical. David was just chilled, calm, wow man.  “THE GREAT VIEWS”

It got to 1pm and we decided to just “stoat” about. Wander with no idea of wanting to do anything. Jist hing aboot and walk and talk. P.S. I’m a Glaswegian, read this wee story in your hairiest Scottish language. He, he, he. We ended up on the underground. Well we were on a train underground. That’s at least something, woohoo.  I met this American Lady called Suzanne, she was so pretty, but her brain couldn’t have been as beautiful as mine, he, he, he. I’m very proud of my brain, we both have a great togetherness. I couldn’t believe that was the picture again. Thanks Suzanne xxx.

I got off the train at Covent Garden. WOW. The memories from here were so vivid from my youth 18-20yrs old. I could talk about this place for such a long time, I could even tell you what I was wearing then. Wow again, this is my favourite word. Wow. Walking through the Covent Garden, I see the square performers, giving us their entertainment. We really enjoyed the new performance. Wow.

The first was Bobby Shitzu, he was on his knees as a dog in a kennel on his head, he painted his new face and he wanted to lick me so much. I can giggle at that. He he he. I next seen a man painted silver, sitting on nothing. I told them straight away what way this puzzle was done. I’m clever. You look at it and work it out. I think you will be puzzled a little but I do hope you get it !!!! Hopefully.
When we started our wandering, seeing this and that, we ended up at a vintage stall in the market. WOW, WOW, WOW. Who has the vintage stall? It’s Malcolm Holland from 1970’s in Edison Lighthouse. WOW, WOW, WOW. Can you remember “Love Hurts”. WOW, WOW, WOW, AGAIN. We chatted with Malcolm Holland. And he gave us both a shell, so I’m going to bring back my silversmith/jewellery stuff back to me so that I can make us both a lovely necklace. Malcolm I shall sprinkle some love on you for your wife  Malcolms wife has had a problem with her head too and I say,  Good luck wifey. I truly hope that you are full of energy and love. Xxx. I will wear my anchor as much as I can and say a little prayer and sprinkle the love. Malcolm you will be forever in my thoughts, say hi to the wife and.enjoy  my blob. Thanks  Malcolm for the JOHN & Romans booklet, it will be a good read. THANKS XXX

We ended up at the Fire and Stone Restaurant in the Covert Garden. We all had our lovely Italian thin crispy pizza. Gosh it was beautiful, the garlic, the spicy sausages, gosh I could go on again. We were having such a great hingin oot time. Our waitress was Ellie, she was from Perth, Australia. ”Gidday Ellie mate” Say that in the Australian accent, he, he, he. Another picture.  I decided. “Where are we going now” Well we all came to the same answer, let’s walk somewhere. We honestly never even looked at our maps, we chucked it back in the bag and decided to be “dangerous”. Cristian, David, (birthday boy), Janiece and myself, we all walked over the Millenium Bridge. The water was The Thames River, I was not going to get my pretty little toes wet in that river. There was  Victor, he played the steel drums. I just couldn’t stop dancing. Victor has come over here from Trinidad. WOW. How can I imagine being, above the Thames, dance for Victor from Trinidad playing the steel drums. WOW.

 When we got to the other side of the water, we were looking for a dinner place for later so we could look for it now. We just had another chatty time, I loved the sunshine. We were now in the Embankment. We were all looking for the biggest funniest time for 8 of us. We four found a good table for 8 of us at the GIRAFFE, that’s the name of our bar/diner. We were just waiting for the arrival of our guests.  Oooooh the first was Rose, she is my ex-sister-in-law. I couldn’t even remember that she came to see me just before Christmas with her sister Lezli. Sometimes I do feel sad that I couldn’t even say Hello. I will make up for it now. When Rose told me that Lezli was sad she could not come and also told me about Lezli and her head injury too.
Lezli was so looking forward to seeing me for the chat about  our beautiful brains
“2 beautiful brains” I know she had to stay on at photograph work but no worries I will be back soon. I can’t wait for the chat. XXX   This is kisses for Lezli.
I could hardly keep my eye’s dry as I was emotionally happy and weepy. I felt great.
 I was so happy it my inside was singing to me. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

We waited for Janna, Kristy and Grant, they turned up when we got to the restaurant, and I cried again. I just can’t help myself with the emotions that I am so HAPPY with my family. Hey they are so happy too that I can walk and talk again, that makes me even happier. I could never understand why I lost my brain, body and speech. I have fought myself back, I will be in charge of me, no one can ever take control of me back.
I took the picture of them all at the table, that was a lovely memory for me. I know it was David’s birthday but they all made it so special and brand new for me. I felt that my heart jumped over the moon. My emotions were so happy for me, I wonder if  anyone else has jumped over the moon! David and Cristian spoke about the burger that Cristian had created in the Harlequin, Sheffied. It’s now on their menu so I need to try it out soon, wow that will be a great dinner. Hmm I’m quite hungry, it’s just the thought of it. I think I need a CONCARI BURGER at the Harlequin.
Our waiter was a Mark Herrero, he was Spanish and he was very good at the English language. He was good with my questions and he replied very attentive towards me. He was very funny, what a great inside he must have. I asked Mark if he could take a picture of us all, he offered yes. I felt so good that we had a picture of US ALL. Well Mark and I had the picture of us and he has offered to put this on my blob. Thank you.
Then we had Roger the Manager, he offered for the picture as well.
Pictures are finishing nearly now and we all had an Olympic day of happiness, sights, views, pop musicians that’s Malcolm from Edison Lighthouse 70’s pop group thank you Malcolm  personally for my anchor necklace, you will always be in my heart and your wife, Americans, Trinidadians, people from anywhere.
As we are all going our separate ways home, I hug and kiss Janna, Kirsty and Grant. Thank you all for all the happiness that I have had today. My heart is doing double flips, triple flips, quarter flips. My heart is soooooo happy
As David, Cristian, Janiece, Rose and myself, we all go for the tube back to St. Pancreas. As we do half of our journey on the tube, Rose is going to change her tube it’s a different tube journey for her to go home. “Hey, Rose, I will be back, I’d like to thank you  for my charity walker position next April for NEUROCARE” thank you all. As Rose is waiting to change her tube, she stands there and waves her hand GOODBYE. I will see you soon XXX .

Cristian waves to us  GOODBYE he is about to go home but I still have the energy for giving him the cuddles, the kisses and the thank you. It was so beautiful having the time to walk together and talk together and basically just be together, night night just now but I will see you definitely soon XXX. We then go for our train home, it is leaving at  the St.Pancreas . We need to say GOODBYE from us too, we have had the most exciting, awesome, brilliant, fantastic, heart jumping time. No day could ever be as COOL as it was on this Birthday for David. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
all kisses from me to you.

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