Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday 21st August 2012

It was a 05:30am. I wake up, just like before my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. The sky was red, but I kept my eyes on the cloud formation. Will it stay dry or will we have a Hurricane? I enjoy watching all the clouds, your mind can just run free.
I got a call from DIXIE WAX SPYE. She asked me if I would like to go to the swimming with her in Chesterfield. WOW. What an exciting day for us to have. She was so pleased with my SUNFLOWERS from Peter. THANKS PETER.

DIXIE WAX SPYE ran home to get her swimsuit on. While she went away, I looked for my towel and swimsuit. “I couldn’t find them!”
I pulled out doors, checked the wardrobe, I turned my room upside down. One moment my room was pretty then “BANG” what a state. I phoned Janiece that I couldn’t find my swimsuit and my swimming towel, where on earth was it!!!!
Janiece brought my new tankini, she looked at the mess in my room. Ooooops. Sorry.
She found the swimsuit and towel straight away. Gosh. She seen them just behind my door in a bag beside the jackets. Golly Gosh. We got ready to go and said bye, bye to our photographer.
We got our bus, now that was funny. I had my free ticket from the council for bus travelling. This was my 1st day. I couldn’t even put the card the right way with the driver. Well we all laughed, what a lot of fun. When we sat down, I started my story again. I told Dixie the outcome of me finding the card last Thursday. I told her of my beautiful email from JULIE H WINTER – PAINTER & B&B OWNER.

She got very enthralled with our emails. Dixie enjoyed looking at the picture too. Dixie enjoyed getting my BLOG on her phone. It was fantastic to let me see Mr Patel again on the Blog.
I love telling people how brilliant he is,


We got off at our bus stop and said bye, bye to No 222 Stagecoach driver, he enjoyed our company with him. Great travelling experience for us. We got into the town and it was lovely to see the SPIRAL again. Maybe I should try to climb it, Hmmmmm.

I looked at their arty pieces of concrete in the park. They are pretty good scenes to allow you to THINK, THINK, THINK.

We went from one park to another. We crossed the busy road on a bridge. It felt pretty cool that cars were running right under you. The next park we went through was full of merry families. It was lovely just looking at them. It was fantabulous at the large pond with the canoeist, Weeping Willow trees and the Puffin Bill railtrain. There was an awesome crowd of Canadian Geese. Should I give them all names!!!


We had a lot of oooh and ahhhh, when we were going into the swimming pool.
What a pair of BABES we were. Eh! We did a good pose in our outfits. He, he, he.
We were really cheeky and posed in our swimsuits. I shall be a presenter!!!
“Dixie is modelling in a turquoise flatterous body ”huggin” swimsuit.”
“Pauline is graciously modelling a tankini, what a fabulous body.”


We went out to the water, brrrrrr.
It shocks your system, from warm, to cool.  I just need to bend my legs and get my body into the water, all over.
It started off at 3ft and went further down to 12ft and 6inches.
I’ve never been in a swimming pool as deep as that. I know that I did swim before but I was quiet  cautious in the pool. When I started coming to the pool, it was a smaller than other ones I ever went to.


When was the last time that I swimmed.!
Why am I so cautious.?
I am becoming more confident now. :)
I get quite scary that there are swimmers around me in the water! 
I asked the boys this lunch time to just stay at the side to let me pass. Thanks guy’s :)

3ft – 12,6ft

I done one, two, three lengths, I felt all the muscles in each shoulder and oaxter/armpit
I had to have a breather after each full length. It felt great that I had the confidence to go out so deep. When I got down to the 3ft end, our swimming lifeguard was the lovely Aimee Sykes, she listened to my blether about the 4th swimming experience for me in the last 1yr and 1 month. We had been in the pool for an hour and then we both retired. Hey I was pretty knackered!!!

10 lengths

I eventually swam 10 lengths with Dixie Wax Spye. She felt good too.
We were both little water babies. Hmmmm.
Soon I will be a good swimmer AGAIN.
I leave the pool with the biggest grin. That was FANTASTIC.


We both get showered and then dressed, ready for our lunch. We decided, shall we eat and drink here, or go somewhere else???  I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even think of the walking next. I decided that we just stay where we were, finally, sit, sit, sit.
We had a tuna salad sandwich and a tuna and cucumber sandwich, with 2 cappucinno’s and two nice lovely sweet muffins. YUM, YUM.

Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage.

When we had ordered our coffee’s and sannie’s,   I asked the staff for their names and asked them if I could add them onto my day to day life after my injury in my blog. Chris gave me a paper plate and pen and asked me to write my email address to see what it was all about. They said thank you and I went to sit down.
We split our sandwiches and  then I wanted to get one of them to take our picture.
I went to the desk, could I see anyone!!! NOPE. I called on them to attract their attention towards me. When they appeared, what was there??? They had MY blog on THEIR phone, in at WORK. OMG.

They had started their reading about MY LIFE IN THEIR HAND. I was so proud that they wanted to read more and more. It gave me little giggles. I liked it a lot.
They hid again with noses in the writing,
THANK YOU both for your attention to me. LEE PARSONS AND CHRIS ALLEN.
We were ready for our cakes, they were beautiful.
What a exercising fitful swim and  a bellyful of lovely food.

The pool area was fit enough for the Olympic water babies.
I imagine the council areas must go for water sports here too. There would be lots of people here to see the swimming and diving decoratively off the boards. They must have beaten a lot of times in the swimming.
 I can imagine the big clock going tic, tic, tic.

Lee and Chris looking at blog again. He, he, he.

We eventually leave our great swim, now it’s time to walk back for the bus. We go through the park again then, we see our sights again.
We seen our Puffin Billy sitting train. It’s a lovely sight again. We leave the park then its Chesterfield Town Hall, it’s right on our noses. It looked so gracious and strong.
Then it was THE PORTLAND HOTEL, a  black and white old building. I would think it must have been built in the 1920’s. The building was very strong and bold.
It was nice seeing all the black and white buildings from years and years ago.
There was a building that was very strange. Hmmmm. Why, it was a building frontage left with a new building built onto it!!
JOHN TURNER building?
Who is he?

I seen the Steeple Bendy just as I was waiting for my bus home. Goodbye to the steeple, what a beautiful sight.
I got on to the bus that would take me home. This was my final bus card journey today. It was fun playing with my new Gold Card today. I told Dixie that I would pose, that I was getting off the bus to get the picture so we could then relax. We both laughed at our picture and giggled. The couple behind me then asked me what was I doing with the pictures??

 I told them it was about my day to day blog as I am 1year and 1 month in my new 2nd life.
I told Jenna Hurt and Jon Dallison that on the 20thJuly in 2011, I had my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage and a stroke down the right side of me. I was in such a black tunnel in my mind. I hated not being able to say “HELLO”. I hated that I could not walk again. I hated that I couldn’t even button my cardigan or even brush my teeth. I have fought and fought to bring my life back into my body.
The couple behind Jenna and Jon were mystified by my story. They listened to everything that I said about my misery life. The listener’s were Pauline and Carl, they were gobsmacked.  The old life for the last year has been a very miserable dark space.

I get home and off the bus with my proud new bus card.
When I get home the rain starts and the air gets colder, I’m thankful that I’m home.
Brrrrrrrrrr! Cold, Tired, I had such a full day, it was fantabulous. :)

I love my 2nd life.
I have fought to get everything back to me.
I thank Mr Patel for all the miracles he has done for me.
I shall be strong and look after the miracles for ME.


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