Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday 1st August 2012

I got up at 07:15am. I made myself coffee and toast and took it to my room. I just pottered about doing nothing really. It’s nice just being lazy, lazy, lazy. I went down to the office at 11:50am. I thought I would get things done in the office before our lunch. I managed to sort my Friday for STUFF!
After lunch Alfonso and I sang out in the corridor with the guitar, he was really good.. He gets the eyes open now, he was so awake, alert. We had such a giggle. I took the pictures of us just being silly. 

I decided to make a phone call but there was no service. I went out to my hot spot at the rhubarb, no service, again. Why does this happen to my phone. When I spoke to my mum quite a while ago she commented on my phone cutting out. I had to leave my room and go to the rhubarb hot spot in the back garden. I stood in the garden for a 30-45mins for a wee talk. My legs were so tired as I was just standing there doing nothing, I was just talking. Do you realise how tired you get just talking.

I sat at the back door with Mr B, my photographer. Hmm Hmm Hmm
I then took my chair up to the rhubarb hot spot. I was waiting for a phone reception to speak to my younger brother Stephen and Brian my older brother. Brian kept calling to me “do you have a reception yet!!” I waited and waited and then I decided we would take some pictures. Pictures done then I got a reception, thank the lord.
Brian came out with good lines, we laughed and laughed.
Angus my coat up. Ha, Ha, Ha
Drink a pint of ink a day It might make you write.
Sock it to me.
Bless my sole.
That’s a booty, Eh knows.
I went to Lilly’s cottage as she wanted to show me what her place was like, it was very  nice. The pictures were very beautiful, all the children were from childhood to adult. It was nice seeing her children as going from child to adult to mothers and fathers.
 When I came back to the house area Mr B asked me if I’d like to take my dinner in the next arty door with him. I went and collected my dinner and we chatted again. It was very nice. Mr B put the salt on his dinner and his food said “youv’e just been assaulted. I finished my dinner and was about to go to the toilet and my right arm disappeared, it was lost down my trousers to scratch my bum, Mr B said to me is that the Ass Ender. Ha, ha, ha.
Mr B couldn’t write with his left hand for the last 6months. He took my pen and signed the window sill Mr B, from left to right. They are so pretty good now. Mr B got a tissue and wetted it to get rid of the signature. We laughed and laughed. We couldn’t get rid of our  silly writing, blast, what a pair of numpty’s. I did say to him that we could put Ferry on the end of the Mr B and hope we wouldn’t get into trouble. OOPS! We found it difficult to stop laughing.

Well it’s another day and another dollar. Peace man. XXX

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