Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday 17th August 2012

I woke up at 5ish this morning. I am back in my sleeping routines. I HOPE.?
I made some hot drink to bring back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. No matter how much I tried to sleep, I just couldn’t feel comfy or tired. I tossed and tossed for a long while. I went to the kitchen for my toast and coffee, I felt  that I was a proper  49yrs old female.  I decided to get washed and ready for my new day.


I decided that I wanted to go home for MY DAYTIME,   I needed to go through all my stuff in my bedroom. I needed all my memories, to touch, to smell, to remember. When I went through my physical memories I found the postcard from you at New Cumnock.

Art By : Julie H Winter : Afton Water Gallery
3rd – 5th September 2010: 11am – 5pm:-
10% off “Lazy Days & Sunshine” collection with this postcard.
                                     The Doctor’s House
            Glen Afton Park, Afton Road, New Cumnock. KA18 4PR

All I can say to you Julie is “I THANK YOU SO MUCH.”
My heart is with you just now as I remember when you put me up in your B&B in
“The Doctor’s House”. I do remember the sights and beautiful views in the garden. The B&B had a lovely PEACE and QUIET  aura all around me. The journey driving down to your house was at the bottom of the Glen with the trees surrounding us. Now, that you were going on your journey, and you were English, (I do have a good ear for the accents.), I think you must have chose to go visit your family? Well, you didn’t need any guests at the B&B as you were leaving the next day, and you were preparing to have your painting view. HEY, YOU ACCEPTED ME. 

The mechanic/owner of the local mechanical garage, brought me to you. My Puegoet 206 was blue and a bit stroppy with running. I phoned my sister Janiece in Sheffield, from your home as I had to ask her to put money in my a/c for me to pay you and the mechanic.
I don’t know why I had to go though my stuff. It has made me feel wonderful.
I am so lucky that I can now talk, walk and eat. It has been so great that I have my life back and now it’s my honour to say HELLO to as many people that have crossed their paths with me.
I shall get in touch with you soon.
My memories today have been so wonderful, fantastic, awesome, it has been a pink cloud in my brain. The pink cloud system in my brain has been the most special feeling in my body. This is my SPECIAL FEELING. I shall thank you again my dear.

LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE     PAULINE QUINN XXXXX                   Goodnight All.

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