Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thursday 9th August 2012

Good morning  to my people  in my world. What a beautiful day. 

I have taken my lounger to the back garden. I have got on my sunscreen with shorts and t-shirt and flip flops so I’m ready for my great day. I put my hula hoops out the back for staff to have a bit of fun.
I went to watch the breakfast and seen Jessica Ennis she had won a Gold Medal for the Athletic.
WELL DONE JESSICA. I watched this at 08:16am and without my glasses. There is my eyes getting better. Wow. I looked at the t.v. without glasses and I could read the time on the bottom left side. WOW again this bloody great brain.:-)


I can remember when Darren & Lucy Gardiner turned up in Killamarsh for David’s birthday party. We had lots of BBQ food, curries, it was amazing. I remember Lolita turning up also. What a great party we had. We had the gazebo at the back door and a big one down the side if the house, people were sitting out at the front of the house and some of them went on to the scooters, zooming up and down the lovely quiet street. Oops!   
Darren's brother Anthony has now moved to Sheffield as he is now playing for Sheffield Wednesday.
WELL DONE ANTHONY, I’m so proud of you. XXX
And Anthony's wife is a DJ and plays in Ibiza, WELL DONE  DJ MEHRNOOSH, I bet you have the best records on the floor in IBIZA. I can imagine them all happy,  with everyone dancing in the sun woohoo.
Well done the two of you, I have just sprinkled love from me to you two.
I think I may invite you both to see me at Bolsover, rehabilation house. My brain has become pretty cool here. I love it.

Today we had Nobby Neil McDougal here to look after us. He used to work here full time but then jobs changed. Now he works for the Mental Health in Maston Moor. It’s pretty cool when he turns up to work part time, even though he has just done a full weeks work. ( I think he’s keeping his eye on us.) Nobby is really good at listening to others, he is so patient with us, he is so understanding with our emotions and feelings. THANK YOU NOBBY.

When Paul the Gardener arrived this afternoon, we had out usual chatty time. Paul used to go to Harrods down in Knightsbridge. He loved going to London and Harrods. When he went visiting there, they had a huge staff room/bar room area it was enormous. We spoke about his diabetes that he had. He has been a very strong man. Paul went into the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London. There has only been 6 hospitals in this country to help and assist the diabetes holders.

It’s just gone 9pm and on the athletics on the  t.v. we have 3 Jamaicans, Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Warren Weir a 22yr old, they have just won a gold medal.


When I was 18yrs old I used to work in Claridges on Brook Street in Mayfair.
I used to work in London and my sister Janiece worked in The Barbican. What a lifestyle we had. We were pretty good at just hingin aboot. We were usually in Roddy's Odd Spot Club in Conduit Street and down at The Blitz. The trend was the new romantic style. We did a good dress up/down style. At that time in life I was 18yrs old it was 1981, pop music was shaking itself all over us. We both  loved it. There was Steve Strange he owned the Blitz. He was in Visage the group name and Fade To Grey was the song. Rusty Egin was the DJ. Why were men so attracted to the face make up, white faces were very popular.  Scottish Clare Crogan sang for the Altered Images, can you remember Happy Birthday.  I can remember the song “Vienna” from Ultravox. The singer was Midge Ure, he was Scottish  and he had a trendy haircut with a moustache and a very defined cute little hairy thing on his bottom lip. Remember we had Spandau Ballet. The group had a good bunch of boys, they were Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Nor***, and John Keeble. Hey, here is a secret, Shhhh, Gary Kemp actually wrote a song called “TRUE” for Clare Crogan as he had a big fancy on her.

The great chef that arrived tonight is Wino Winnie Francesco Helena Bubble, god she makes a superb prawn curry. Thank you my chef Mrs.
Then my visitor turns round and I see who is there!
Yes it’s Brainy Big Boy Dave, cor that brain is so fascinating, he knows so much into the pop stuff,


I’d like to say Thank You to Ian Lewaine my friend from hospital, we have had the best memory of our time in the hospital. We had lots of laughs and giggled with the speaking. My speaking voice was pretty gibbly gook.
 We are going to have a great time with Ryan your son for a BBQ,  I  know we will all have the giggles, ha, ha, ha.

To Julie Billington, thank you for the memory you have of working with Janiece.
I would like to say thank you again for offering me your company on my Charity next April  it’s a 5km walk at Rother Valley Park. We will laugh from the start to the end. We won’t really care what the weather is like as we will all be so happy in our hearts.

I have had another great day.
I’m going to sleep now, It’s 11:40pm and I’m going to enjoy my restful sleep.
Goodnight xxx.                                                                                          

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