Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday 14th August 2012

I woke up at 05:30am.
I’ve been up at 05:00am on my regular working routine, just over a year ago. I’m moving into myself now.
I’m not at 8yrs old or 16yrs old, no I’m 49yrs old. That’s my true age. I’m not at the pension age or a child age. I’m a youthful 49yr old. I act like a 25yr old with a cheeky side to me but I am 49 years of age. Nothing has changed. I have the energy like a 25yr old. I walk everywhere, just like before. I keep my fitness now. I have always walked on SKYE, ARRAN, MHORS, LAKES even the PEAK DISTRICT NATIONAL PARK and SHERWOOD FOREST. I love walking. I go up to the sky so that I can reach into the air to touch it, right down to a forest meandering walk. I treasure my walking so much now that I’ve got rid of my wheelie chair. I LOVE WALKING.


Dear Mr Patel,

Please can you figure out how heavy is my gorgeous plate in my great brain.?
Does my brilliant brain have a TITANIUM plate?  What is a titanium????
Is it created by a machine?? Is it mine?? What makes my brain so clever?? Sometimes I think, if I have my brilliant head back, where have my languages been hidden from me??
The girls were in the kitchen the other day and they were trying the word spelling confusion, I think it was a J instead of the H. Straight away I just spelled it out. I felt quite proud of myself that I got the spelling straight away, they all got shocked with my knowledge. Has my second brain been a special fascinating intriguing piece of work from YOU, Mr Patel. CLEVER BOY Mr Patel.

Hey Mr Patel, just to let you know!!!!!
I went down to the teddy bear picnic and treasure at Edington Park, Sheffield, on 15th July for the Neurocare Charity. The lovely girl was Emma Douglas from the charity. I done my usual chit chat blether thing. I told Emma that I was looking for a pretty good walk for me to do next year. I thought, well I’ll do 5 or 10 miles for my legs and I will see how many sponsers I can get.  I thought even if its about 10 or 20 pounds, that would be great. Emma told me of the charity next April and I went  that I would do it” Yes I’m going to do it!” I felt so proud and confident, I wanted to do this with all my heart. Emma hasn’t said a date yet, but she did say Rother Valley Park, 5k, April 2013 and I’m going. Emma was the first person to be my companion to join me on this walk. I was very proud that she offered to do the walk with me first. I can’t really, actually, honestly believe that so many have jumped onto my walk next April 2013 and it’s only Tuesday 14th August 2012. WOW, WOW, WOW.

At the Clowne Farm, my Monday morning job which I love, there was Steve Boyd (the son of Ian Boyd, owner of the farm)  he asked me last Monday if he could join me as my companion next April. GREAT.  How many have I accepted for the walk next April 2013. How big is this walk that I decided to walk on my own,  NOPE. Sorry me (Pauline) One minute it was me planning my walk now I have loads of people,
Ian Boyd, Mark (employer) and BLUE the running dog. I’ve said yes, yes, yes, for them being my companion friends again PHEWWWWW
Well Mr Patel, ME, PAULINE QUINN, I would like to offer YOU to be my SPECIAL companion if you could arrange or see or make some jiggery pokey doing your special surgery to walk with me :)
 I have never asked a “friend” to walk with me, but this time, Hey, I think you are worth it. P.S. I’m worth it too :)


I went down for my lunch at 12:00 noon and I decided what I wanted for my lunch, I made my own turkey sandwich. I made my own lunch and I actually felt great that I made MY OWN LUNCH. I felt over the moon. This does give you such a brilliant feeling right down to the bottom of your belly. WOW.

I have just had a nice and floppy, lazy day.
Goodnight my world. Zzzzzzzzzz

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