Monday, August 27, 2012

Thursday 16th August 2012

I woke up at 06:30am. I told Big Mamma Dee and Brainy Big Boy Dave that I can still remember the SHEPHERDS poem from yesterday. DING DONG.
I had my shower, so quick and easy. RESULT. I went down to the kitchen for my coffee and toast, then I came straight back to my room so that I could eat and watch the breakfast news. I noticed that at 08:20am there was a very important interview with a Mr Nicholson from *******    he had a stroke as well. He was just like me too.
He was stuck in a chair - just like me.
He couldn’t talk – just like me.
He could operate the computer with his hands/fingers, to allow people to understand what he wanted to do with  his life. He was still bright in his head but he said that “it’s a living disgrace” on his computer – oops! Not like me. He is fighting to be heard by all people even though he has no voice.
Their was another stroke victim from Brighton, his name on the BBC1 t.v. was (sorry I cant remember)
He has fought to get himself back. He has done it.  He has the faith to fight for everyone else. I have the faith and fight too.
There is now a JUDGE who will look into every single person’s happiness in life, he shall decide who is willing to stay or end their life.
Some times people have NO LIFE, or NO DIGNITY.
FATE WORSE THAN DEATH. By Mr Nicholson on the computer for us all to know. How he feels in his heart. Love from me xxx


As I wrote this, all of a sudden I heard the laughing and happiness in the back garden.
As I looked out it was Lilly with her family. They were playing BADMINGTON in the garden. I shouted out my window and asked if I could join their happiness. I really wanted to be their in their happiness, I experienced the happiness with them and I felt that they all had a happy GLOW coming from their bodies. I didn’t want to sit on my own in my room, I really wanted to share this happiness. I loved it soooo much. 

Good morning to you all and I shall send you all a sprinkle of love as well. XXXX
The young boy done the lefthand, righthand, overhand, spinround, underhand, shuttlecock, hit.
He was very experienced with the shuttlecock and bat. He easily hit the shuttlecock onto the roof. It ran into the gutter and the young girl had to get a chair to get the height to  the shuttlecock from the gutter.  WOW He was pretty good !!! Lilly's grandaughter was giggling so much she fell off her mums knee, she just lay on the grass in fit of laughter. Well that was us again, laughing, laughing, laughing. Lilly is the BEST badminton player, she loves being on the floor with her bat and shuttlecock. I can imagine her doing a wee dance every time she wins on the floor, the audience must love it.
Well Done Lilly XXX.


Steve turned up while I was watching the ATHLETICS on the back garden.
We had our lovely kiss and cuddle for hello.
We then got over our hello meeting and went to my room for our meeting meeting.
Steve is my STEVE  GOVERNMENT man. He has been looking after me for such a long time. He has “ALL HIS TIME” for me no matter what’s going on.
Steve has been here for a long time today.
It gets toward the end of our meeting, I didn’t know how long we had been in this stuff, I got the pictures.
Steve was so generous to be in my story and he was flattered with his picture of my painting of CRISTISAN CONCARI & RICHARD GREEN, my wee Cigar puffing named rabbits. Steve thinks that you both look “LOVERLY”. I walked Steve to the front door and we had big cuddles and kissing again. Ahhhhh. NICE, COOL MAN.
I wanted to hold him and not let him go, but, this is life now so I have to let Steve go. Steve, I will see you soon. ALL MY LOVE XXXXXXX

Lauren is my friend who wants to walk with me for a special interest.
I met a BEAUTIFUL young lady called LAUREN BOOTHE.
She let me know where she worked  in Sheffield. I just had to go and see her at work, did she like me or did I like her?  Whatever, she’s worth it.
We were talking about the 5km Charity Walk in ROTHERVALLEY.
I told Lauren that I had my Subarachnoid Brain Haemarrahge in 20th July 2011. Lauren will come along with me for the walk next APRIL 2013. Let’s keep our finger crossed.  Hopefully the work will let her go.  Lauren’s stepmother is JANE
She has been into the hospital with her stroke too. I’m hoping we will get enough of the  pennies. Most of the charity pennies are going to the Neurocare Charity from me, but, Lauren I am going to request you to accept an offer from me. I want to offer you to do something special  for your stepmother to have a great memory for you both. Memories are so special for us all.

Ian is my friend looking for a walker too.
Hey Ian, this is just like your card, “ALWAYS THINKING”
Now that is so appropriate, I THINK all the time. I IMAGINE all the time.
Fairies? Or Dreams?


Just a moment.
Can you remember when we lived in Nitshill in Glasgow.  There was a large pub across the road from our home, and we had a coal fire in this house and I must have been about 17/18 years old.

My mum was at Hairmyers Hospital  she worked there as the supervisor of the cleaners at the hospital in East Kilbride. There was lots of cleaners for mum to look after.

When I was a little girl, I would spend time with my Grannie at the the weekend, I was her visitor. We always watched the sport on the Saturday afternoon. There was BIG DADDY. He was a big wrestling machine with his big beer belly for the viewers to Ooh and Ahh.. He had his “Big swimming styley outfit”
That was so lovely and quiet. We loved spending the day with each other. Me and Grannie. There was too many of us at home….7 kids !!! Oooooh!!!.......then mum and dad oooh.. It’s quite scarey to think how many of us there were. 

I remember we went to visit my aunty Isobel GREEN??? They were older cousins to visit in East Kilbride. Well they still will be older than!!!! Hmmmm.
If you read this story give me a message. eh!!!!!

Back to my story.

Well  Ian, this is going to be my best walk, I will take lots of pictures and I can chatter all the way during our 5km walk. Will you all get fed up????? Hmmmmm.
I can see me talking, talking, talking.


I spoke to my previous work friend’s. MAYUR, TONI, and GYORGYI
We all enjoyed our talking again. I felt that I had only finished work not that long ago.
I was 49yrs old on the 1st April 2012. My mind must have become alert just after my birthday, I must have just happened to be me, myself, ALIVE, just after MY birthday.  This is when I can remember that I have been in hospital. I could see that I was in hospital but I wondered WHY, WHY, WHY, did  I get here. I thought that I must have been sick for about two or three weeks. I didn’t know what was actually wrong with me. 
When I asked Janiece what was wrong with me and how long had I stayed here. I said to Janiece  “Was it two or three weeks???”
 My sister Janiece just gulped. She felt a bit queezy that she had to tell me how long I stayed here. She then told me that I had been here for 8-9 months. WOW, WOW, WOW. I was in such a HORROR. I honestly couldn’t realise what was I doing here all that time. I had to learn everything all over again. This was my 2ndLIFE.
I had to learn to EAT solids, instead of tubed liquid food.
I had to learn to WALK, I had three girl nurses and 1 male nurse. They were FANTASTIC.
I had to learn to TALK, well this was a pretty funny thing. When I started my talking I was shocked that I was Scottish, I thought I must have been English.  Where did I get my accent.??? I was very loud in my talking as I never realised how long the quiet blackness had been in my body. Well now with my brain, NOW, NOW, NOW, I thought in my mind that I knew what I’d say.
I thought YES and my mouth said NO. TUT, TUT, TUT.
It has taken me 7 months  to speak again.
I was lost in my blackness for a long, long, time.
I have been a great fighter for MR PATEL, it has BEEN and IT IS a MAGICAL STRING between us. I will ALWAYS have THE FAITH in you. My heart will always be with you. xxx

Goodnight my readers xxx

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