Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sunday 29th July 2012

This morning I was up bright and breezy at 06:30am with the sunshine in my eye’s. What a wonderful day. We will all enjoy our day ;-)

I’m getting all my stuff nice and clean so that I will go home to a pretty room, the bathroom, done, the floors, done, the bed, done,. I’ve been pretty good at the cleaning. I’ve put on my knee pads so that I can kneel to clean the bathroom floor. Then I polish the glass mirror in the bathroom then I polish the furniture in my room. 

Oohhh it’s lovely. It’s 11:00am and Janiece has called for me to go and say bye bye to Des.I have left all of my clothes for the next two days on my bed. I only need to pack my clothes for Monday and Tuesday. Wow I’m getting pretty excited, It’s David’s birthday tomorrow and we are going to meet Cristian. It will be a perfect day.

When I got home there was a lovely homely feeling, I felt great. My brain has been working hard, bless it. I felt that I had to say to David, “Do you think that my brain would ever hurt me again?” Sometimes, when I realise what my brain has gone through in the last year, I say a prayer every day. I do get a bit worried for my brain. I do my best to protect it in my life. 

Hey I had a text from Janiece last nite, she sent me some pictures of James and Jacob at the Piccolino’s. The guys used to see me a lot before and they miss me so they decided to wave and say HELLO in the picture. “Hey James, Hey Jacob, I’m waving to you both.”   

David goes to the Hotel and brings Des for our HELLO again. Today is our HELLO word. When they got to the door, we all had our kisses again, I love that. Hehehe. I made a birthday card for David this morning, it’s pretty cool man. I wrote on my handmade card, the words that I put was “We will all have the greatest day. I thank you for all the love that you give me. My heart is so full. I shall sprinkle some love to you and all the family. Xxx

Today I sent a message on my Facebook to Lucy, I wonder if she would like to join me next April 2013 for a 5km charity walk around Rother Valley Park for Neurocare.

 We drove on our way to Sheffield and passed a beautiful church. WOW. As we parked the car, I went past the Tai Sun Oriental; I walked into the shop either 1 or 2years ago. I bought Chinese Lanterns as you were getting your Chinese theme. Can you tell me, was it Aaron or Adrian doing the Chinese food. Leave me a message please, Thankyou.

We all went into town at about 6pm, we were all going for a Chinese meal at the Wong Ting. What a superb idea, we all had the Chef’s Special Hors D’oeuvrs, it was very tasty. Yum, Yum. Chat, Chatting again. When will I learn to act my real age. My real age is hiding somewhere!! My child age is quite funny, when will my real age grow to my actually human age??? It can be quite puzzling.

I acted like my child age, I couldn’t work out actually how old I was. I started eating prawn crackers like a child. As I was eating with a full mouth I kept talking AGAIN.
When will I start to be a proper older person. We had our starter, where is my camera, I need more pictures Arghhh. We had our main meal, it looked beautiful, and it was very tasty too. We needed the camera again. Why did I keep chatting to the Chinese Statues, I thought it would make a good picture, Picture’s, Ages, Why. When will my brain get the older age??? Why do I play with food in my mouth???

We eventually left and we walked around to the Hotel. BYE, BYE Des, it has been the most funny, wonderful, awesome, brilliant, humorous, what age am I ??? love Pauline xxxxxxx

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